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Learn to scuba dive
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Safely serving SCUBA divers since 1963! We are Ontario's largest PADI dive center training divers to safely explore the wonders beneath the sea. Scuba diving is all we do. Our entire staff is comprised of experienced, passionate divers. Learn with the best, and experience why Ontario is a Top 10 Scuba Diving Destination.

Skip the local quarry and experience exceptional visibility while exploring the wreck of the Jessie Anne.

The Aquasystems DIFFERENCE

  • Expertise

    Be taught by the best - A master instructor who has certified over 3400 New PADI divers and as a course director 3000 plus NAUI cerifications

  • Flexibility

    Learn to scuba at your own pace, with private, semi-private and group classes available each and every week throughout the year

  • True Open Water Education

    Learn to dive in the real open waters of Lake Ontario and get certfied diving the wreck of the Jessie-Anne from the Orkney Isle dive boat

  • The Aquasystems Team

    Surround yourself with a team of passionate and professional divers who are there to help you safely learn the sport of under water exploraton

Whats Happening

Air & Nitrox Fills

We handle all your tank fills while you wait, and offer the best service to help you maintain and get the longest life from your scuba cylinders.

Gear Specials

We offer a wide variety of special gear packages to meet the needs of every diver, from novice to expert

Latest News

There is always exciting courses and programs going on so check back with us.

See the underwater world
with your own eyes

The most exciting thing about diving is that any dive experience will never be the same. The underwater world is diverse, ever evolving, extremely dynamic and full of unexpected surprises.

The most important thing about diving is that it allows us as humans to experience an environment that is totally unknown to us. Diving gives us insight, understanding and a new found appreciation of the ocean and the multitude of ecosystems it supports. We should feel honoured and privileged to be able to experience it, but always remember that we are there as guests. Our behaviour should be passive and respectful with minimum impact in every capacity.

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